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We are create private or commercial interiors,
design furniture, commercial equipment, indoor and outdoor advertising lighting.

  •      Interior

    The first stage creates a concept (drawings, a number of alternatives).
    The second phase developed the concept - prepare plans, sections, images.
    The final phase - the full documentation for the developer to work .

  •      Furniture and shopfitting

    Commercial furniture or equipment may be designed as separate objects, or as we developed an integral part of the interior.
    The developer is usually from the first glance appearing to be the subject of the piece of furniture or equipment for the commercial project, in fact, require a number of knowledge in this field of application.
    Starting with such essential matters as ergonomics, design, functionality, and ending with the understanding of material properties. This process requires an architect or designer of continuous improvement, because everything starts from the idea and realize it is the infinite ways in which the best may be purified.

  •      Internal and external advertising

    An integral part of business and commercial spaces - both indoor and outdoor advertising. Signs, posters, lightboxes, promotional stands. This is one way to create a mood, to popularize the brand, boost sales.
    Our goal - to help the developer to create a successful image and stimulate sales.

  •      Lighting

    Any interior will be inadequate without the correct lighting.
    Commercial Spaces correct lighting (appropriate range, the overall strength of the logic put accents) promote sales.
    Private sector - to create some space inherent in the mood - a stimulant, relaxing, adds a security, a sense of comfort.
    Our task - correctly identify which area of coverage as needed, and make it a reality.
    This is one of our service - lighting design, luminaire selection and production.